[UPDATE] Unwelcome on Campus

Charlie Kirk and the TPUSA “Campus Clash” tour are planning an event at CSULB on October 23, 2018. Come out in the spirit of solidarity to defend our campus and our city against the creep of neo-conservative fascism. TPUSA has made efforts in the past to stake out a space at CSULB, it is vital that we refuse to give them, or any of the so called Alt-Lite, even an inch in Long Beach.

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, there will be fash on campus at CSU Long Beach.

TPUSA is known for baiting their opposition into unflattering situations. They are vocal with the disdain of safe spaces and, more often than not, they play victim to what they perceive as intolerant leftist college campuses.

Several local organizations are making a call to action. Here is what you can do:

We are calling for as many bodies to show up in opposition to TPUSA and converge in front of Beach Auditorium with signs and banners. Please do not bring any signs that are attached to sticks or flags with flag poles.

However, if you prefer to disrupt the event from within:

  • Go to the Eventbrite page and reserve as many tickets as you want.  Tickets are free and there is no limit to the number of tickets you can request.
  • Show up as early as possible to get in line (tickets are free but, on day of event, all seating is based on first come, first served).
  • Dress smartly in plain clothes as to be indistinguishable and unassuming from the target audience.
  • Check the Eventbrite page for the list of items you cannot take in, once our plan goes public they will look for any reason to refuse you entry.

The best scenario would be to space each disruption 5 to 10 minutes apart, spread across the two hour circus show. Please be aware of the following possibilities:

  • ID will be required at the door
  • No masks or covering of your face
  • No bags of any kind
  • No clothing with political messages
  • You could be doxxed

Whichever method of protest you choose, let a friend know where you are and what you’re doing. Even better, bring a friend. We respect a diversity of tactics, but we do not encourage violence. We do not want to see anybody arrested but it never hurts to have a plan when the cops are out. It’s hard to fight against fascism from the inside of a jail cell.

The Beach Auditorium is centrally located in the University Student Union (USU), near the north entrance. Click here for map.

Unwelcome on Campus is set for Tuesday, October 23 from 6 PM – 9 PM at CSULB. Doors open at 6:30pm and the event starts at 7pm sharp. Once doors close, nobody will be admitted.

Facebook Event Page: Unwelcome on Campus