Campus Clash at CSULB with Charlie Kirk

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Charlie Kirk is scheduled to appear at CSU Long Beach on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. The following is a call from organizers on the ground for a mobilization at CSULB in Long Beach, CA.

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, Charlie Kirk is scheduled to appear at CSU Long Beach for a “Campus Clash” stop.

Charlie Kirk founded Turning Points USA in 2012 with the aim of growing the conservative movement on college campus. TPUSA likes to call itself a grassroots reaction to rampant liberalism on college campuses but it was, in fact, founded with millions of dollars from the likes of Foster Friess. In 2016, its own employees accused the organization of engaging in racist practices. They further claimed the organization may have been engaged in illegal activity during the 2016 presidential elections. In 2016, TPUSA also started its “Professor Watchlist” to actively intimidate, silence, and harass professors it sees as a part of grand liberal conspiracy playing out on college campuses.

In February 2018, Unicorn Riot was on location at the TPUSA event at Colorado State University (CSU), which attracted a dozen or so neo-nazi skinheads. Considering that Southern California has a large presence of Hammerskins (to name just one group of fascists), this TPUSA event could potentially draw a larger than usual violent, fascist crowd.

Our mobilization goal is simple.

Since Trump’s election, right-wing rhetoric has been pushed far enough that people, on the right, are engaging in criminal activity including acts of murder, violence, and harassment while promoting the most authoritarian and reactionary policies in the history of this country. There is no doubt that we will defend our communities from fascists and racists. With the potential for a large right wing presence that will surely be protected by LBPD, the need for a mass convergence is clear. This is all hands on deck.

If you are a CSULB student, please consider registering as to pack the auditorium and disrupt the event. You can RSVP on the eventbrite page and they will email you a ticket.

Update: Link to Eventbrite for event tickets.

09/11/2018 @ 07:39:30 edited: corrected event date